Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Yes, I am a Soccer Mom

At the urging of Julia's preschool teachers, we signed her up for ballet when she was three to help her physical development catch up with her intellectual prowess. But, that didn't really stick, so the next year we signed her and her brother up for soccer at the Y. And as they say..... the rest is history.

I have officially joined the Soccer Mom club. We always have folding chairs, a big golf umbrella, and bug spray in the back of our SUV. From time to time there is a soccer ball magnet on the back of my truck, and we have just completed our second summer of soccer camp complete with international coaches. My daughter takes a book and a size 1 (little-bitty training size) soccer ball everywhere she goes. I have been watching the World Cup on ESPN, and can understand most of the penalties that are called in the games. I can even brag and say that Russel and I had the only undefeated team when we coached Connor's under-six team. (that's 4 & 5 year olds) Go Eagles!

Connor no longer plays soccer, choosing instead to play baseball. But Julia has moved up in the soccer world and is now about to start her second year in the Academy league. (Under 13 travel ball for those of you who are outside the soccer world.) She loves it, so we sacrifice two nights a week and most of our weekends in the Fall and Spring. And don't forget the hefty price increase.

And I think that is the true definition of a Soccer Mom. The parent who is willing to sacrifice time, money, sleep & the occasional sun burn to give her child the opportunity to be part of a team playing a sport she loves.