Monday, February 28, 2011

5K Challenge - Day 15

Well, we're in the home stretch. Got to make my time official by Friday. I was kind of bummed when I realized I had gotten the dates mixed up, but Audri (one of my work peeps) told me something that made me rethink it a little. She said that it would be good to go ahead and get my time now and then keep working on it and time it again right before the Cheerios race. She said I would be surprised by how much better it would be by then. So that's what I'm going to do.

As for today's run..... really happy! 35:17 !! That's 0:45 off my time from Thursday, and I didn't do anything (nothing at all) between then and now. But I will confess that I really pushed myself today. I ran the whole first mile at my faster speed (10:30/mile) which meant that the other 2.1 miles were harder to maintain at a decent speed. But I mixed it up and threw in a few 0.3 - 0.5 mile bursts of quick runs to make up some time. A couple of those I pushed all the way up to 10:00/mile (6.0 speed setting).

More to come soon!

Thursday, February 24, 2011

5K Challenge - Day 14

So, I realized today that the deadline to have my 5K logged for the Race to Nowhere is March 5th not March 15th. Gah! That means I have to do an official run by next Friday! I'm thinking it is going to be hard to get to that 30:00 minute goal I had set. Which is kind of a bummer. BUT - I will keep going and try to get it to 30:00 by the Cheerios race on April 16th. (in all reality that is probably a more realistic time frame to meet the goal).

Where am I now?  36:02!
I switched up my run a little tonight. Full disclosure: it was unintentional, but it worked out well! I started off faster (10:30/mile) for the first half-mile then went down to my steady (12:00/mile) for the bulk of my run. At the end I cranked it back up for the last 0.4 mile to finish.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

5K Challenge - Day 13

36:50!!!! Yea!!!!

I ran 2.6 at 5.0 (12:00/mile), then because I knew people were waiting for a treadmill (like I had to wait 20 minutes! over the courtesy 30 minute limit) I cranked it up to a 5.5 (10:30/mile) for the last half-mile. Now that I'm home, I really really need to stretch.


So, back in December I told you all that I was finally coming to terms with my body even though I knew that I was overweight. And then in January I went for my physical, found out my cholesterol was a little high, and challenged myself to run a 5K. Well, in training for that 3.1 mile run, I have dropped a pants size and become noticeably toner. Now, I should say that in my newly enlightened state I am indifferent to this change, but that would be a lie. I am loving it! So there. I confessed.

Sunday, February 20, 2011

5K Challenge - Day 12

Had a good run today after church. Still at the 37:24 mark on my 5K, but I did 2 miles of that at 5.0 (or 12:00/mile) which is progress! Probably could have done it faster if we hadn't gone to the Y right after lunch.

Russel and I stayed at a friend's house Friday night while the kids were in Perry with the grandparents, and Saturday morning we jogged around their property. I think it took about 40 minutes, we forgot to look at the time when we left. That was harder for me than being on the treadmill because of the uneven ground and hills and trying to set a pace and trying to set a pace where Russel (Mr. 6'1") can actually run too! I walked several times. But it was a good change and kept us from slacking off and eating junk food.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

5K Challenge - Day 11

Last night, while waiting on the copier to print out some stuff for work, I did some weight machines at the Y (all legs and core work).

Today I ran my 5K while waiting for the printers to finish up an almost 3,000 page project for work that was due at 11:30 this morning. About 15 minutes in my legs started telling me they did not appreciate what I had done to them the night before, but I pushed through, and they shut up. At mile marker two, I got a phone call from the printers saying that they were done with an hour and a half to spare! Talk about making my day! So after I hung up the phone I got back to it at regular pace (4.8 or 12:30 / mile) for a while then I ended up pushing myself hard for the last 0.6 -- I bumped up my speed to 5.5 (10:30 / mile) and pushed through to the end. My final time for the 3.1 miles was 37:24 !!!!  Full Disclosure: I was sucking wind HARD when I got done, but I did it. Now, I need to increase my time at that speed, and I will make my goal for sure.

After I delivered my forest of paper before my 11:30 deadline, Russel came by and took me out for lunch. And then, just for grins, we went back to the Y and hit the weights. I did all upper-body stuff today, and I know that my arms are going to be fussing at me tomorrow.

Oh, and it's official! I have registered for the Race to Nowhere. No turning back now!

Monday, February 14, 2011

5K Challenge - Day 10

Woo! Hoo!
I ran the entire goal distance -- 3.1 miles -- without stopping!
First time ever.
And, I did it in 38:49 minutes.
Only 8:49 minutes over my goal time.
I have about 45 - 50 days to shave that off before I run it for official time in the treadmill race. I think I can. I think I can. I think I can.

Saturday, February 12, 2011

5K Challenge - Day 9

After two days off I got back on the wagon, or treadmill in this case. And because the Y was far from crowded and I wanted to see how long I could go, I ran (most of) my 5K. It took me 41:18, and I only walked 9:18 of that. The last 6:18 was my cool-down / I'm-going-to-fall-off-this-thing-if-I-don't-stop-running-but-I-will-get-to-3.1-miles!-time.
Here's the run-down of the whole thing:
I warmed-up on the bike for 5mins, then did a pre-run stretch. I pumped out 15 mins on the treadmill before slowing to a brisk walk for 3 mins to catch my breath and find a motivating song to start back running on. Then I pushed myself until I couldn't go anymore (18 more minutes), and walked out the rest of my 3.1 miles.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

5K Challenge - Day 8

After lunch I hopped on the bike at work for a quick 5 minute warm-up.
Then I went and stretched my legs really, really good. (i just knew that if I didn't they would be screaming at me after the workout i did yesterday!)
Then I got on the treadmill and went straight into my run for the day.
15 mins @ 4.8 (12:30 / mile)
2 min breather @ 3.5
8 mins @ 4.8
5 min cool-down
Total distance 2.2 miles in 30 mins.
(and FYI -- even with the stretch.... my calves were screaming at me!)

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

5K Challenge - Day 7

Full body pilates workout today.
Arms are a little shaky now, going to hurt tomorrow.
But it is all worth it.

Monday, February 7, 2011

5K Challenge - Day 6

This morning Russel and I went to the Y to get our workout in before work. (not to be confused with getting up super early! he didn't have to be at work until after lunch)

I ran 2.14 miles in 30 mins.

  • 5 min warm-up
  • 10 min run @ 4.8 (12:30mins per mile)
  • (quick stretch for my screaming calves and hamstrings)
  • 10 min run @ 4.8
  • 5 min cool-down

Oh, and as an addendum to Day 4.5 -- I did do a good ab workout on Friday when Julia was home sick.

Super Commercial-Bowl 2011

Our favorite commercial of the night, hands down is... 
Volkswagon: The Force
I mean seriously, how cute is this little guy! He could so be one of ours! Love.

Here are our Honorable Mentions:

Mini USA: Cram it in the Boot 
(pay attention, you might miss it.) 
(and if you don't know what "the Boot" is, that's what the Brits call the trunk)
My first thought was "Oh no they didn't"

Chevrolet: Eco Misunderstanding
Reminds me of when my grandparents were living with my mom and dad!
"Who asked you?"    "Turn up the volume."    "Eco. Eco. Eco."

Chevrolet: T3
just because I love Bee

Pepsi: Love Hurts
of course he ducks....

Pepsi: First Date
as I have always said: 
men's brains are like waffles 
(one thing at a time)
women's brains are like spaghetti 
(multiple things intersecting and leading to new paths all the time)

Best Buy: Ozzy vs. Beiber
gotta love Ozzy. "What's a Bee-buh?"
and for those of you who didn't realize, the bad wig dude behind Ozzy and Sharon at the end is Justin Beiber!

Pepsi: Torpedo Cooler
just because we love seeing the punk get nailed in the "money-maker"
(yes, we love watching AFV and Wipeout w/ the kids for the same reason)
and the cute "bad boy" doesn't hurt either (wink. wink.)

Saturday, February 5, 2011

5K Challenge -- Day 5

So, what happened was.... I was supposed to run yesterday, but Julia wasn't feeling well, and we stayed home all day. I didn't want to take her with me to the Y in case she started running a fever again because she would get the other kids (and adults) there sick. So I ran today.

Now I have to explain about the enormous leap in difficulty that I added today.
I ran / walked outside on the road at the Camp. (instead of the treadmill) Why this makes such a big difference you ask? A) I don't possess the natural ability to pace myself at a slow speed. Not good for a beginner. 2) I had to carry a bottle of water. There was no cup holder like on the treadmill. and 3) Camp Road is one big, nasty hill. And I am not exaggerating. Anyone who has ever driven it can tell you. Killer.

So I won't lie and say that I ran the entire 3 mile loop. I didn't even run half of it. I walked all the uphill parts, and at a decent pace too. Not a Sunday afternoon stroll here. But on the way back down the hill of death I did run several chunks of road. 

But the thing I am most proud to brag about..... my time. 45 minutes! That's all it took me to tackle the evil monster we call Camp Road. I had estimated an hour minimum. I told Lisa (who lives at the bottom of the hill at the Camp) to send out a search party if I wasn't back in an hour fifteen because I had visions of me splayed out on the side of the road with a pulled hamstring, severe muscle cramps, or the victim of a "drive-by" turkey pecking. (it could happen) But it wasn't necessary! Yay me! Now, will I be able to move tomorrow? That remains to be seen.

Friday, February 4, 2011

Book Review

Koontz delivers again! 

Nail-biting suspense. 
Laugh-out-loud moments. 
History mingled with "that sounds plausible" science fiction. 
And those moments when you just can't read fast enough to find out what happens. 

Thursday, February 3, 2011

test results

Got my lab results from the blood work they did with my physical. The only thing abnormal was my LDL was slightly elevated (26 points). We have already started cutting back on fried foods, but I guess I am going to have to cut back even more on the french fries.  :(   Guess I will be substituting the side salad more often when I do eat out for lunch.

5K Challenge - Day 4

Cross-Training Day! Woo! Hoo!
(can you hear the sarcasm in that?)

Pilates: arms, butt and back of legs
Holy Cow! My arms are going to hate me tomorrow! They are already complaining, and I didn't even do all the reps or as fast as the chic wanted. You gotta start somewhere, right?

Yoga: trying ones on the Wii I haven't done before (meaning they are a little hard)
standing knee (thighs), palm tree (to strengthen my ankles), downward facing dog (abs w/ hamstring stretch), dance (ankles, hips, core), and some sideways leg lifts (shoulders, obliques) -- total time: 14 minutes

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

5K Challenge - Day 3

Yesterday I was supposed to do my cross-training, but I went to the dermatologist and had a spot removed from between my shoulder blades and they told me to try to not aggravate it for 24 hours. So..... I did it today.
20 minutes of Yoga on the Wii, followed by 20 minutes of Pilates for core and lower body. Yes. My legs are sore. The Yoga poses I did today were: Half Moon (to stretch sides), Warrior (thighs and core), Tree (ankles, balance), and Chair (calves, thighs, balance).

I also ran on the treadmill today at work during my lunch break.
2 min warm-up @ 3.5
18 min @ 4.6
2 min @ 3.5
8 min @ 4.8
5 min cool down
Total: 35 min for 2.25 miles

I think those numbers are close to being right. When I was just over the 2 mile / 27 min mark I hit the emergency stop button with my hand! Gah! I was in the zone, trucking along that last stretch and BAM! Full brakes. Good thing I didn't slam into the machine. That would have been embarrassing! But in my haste to get restarted, I only got one glance at my workout summary. So, I know it is close if not 100% accurate.

More stretching tonight for sure!!!