Wednesday, February 16, 2011

5K Challenge - Day 11

Last night, while waiting on the copier to print out some stuff for work, I did some weight machines at the Y (all legs and core work).

Today I ran my 5K while waiting for the printers to finish up an almost 3,000 page project for work that was due at 11:30 this morning. About 15 minutes in my legs started telling me they did not appreciate what I had done to them the night before, but I pushed through, and they shut up. At mile marker two, I got a phone call from the printers saying that they were done with an hour and a half to spare! Talk about making my day! So after I hung up the phone I got back to it at regular pace (4.8 or 12:30 / mile) for a while then I ended up pushing myself hard for the last 0.6 -- I bumped up my speed to 5.5 (10:30 / mile) and pushed through to the end. My final time for the 3.1 miles was 37:24 !!!!  Full Disclosure: I was sucking wind HARD when I got done, but I did it. Now, I need to increase my time at that speed, and I will make my goal for sure.

After I delivered my forest of paper before my 11:30 deadline, Russel came by and took me out for lunch. And then, just for grins, we went back to the Y and hit the weights. I did all upper-body stuff today, and I know that my arms are going to be fussing at me tomorrow.

Oh, and it's official! I have registered for the Race to Nowhere. No turning back now!

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