Wednesday, February 2, 2011

5K Challenge - Day 3

Yesterday I was supposed to do my cross-training, but I went to the dermatologist and had a spot removed from between my shoulder blades and they told me to try to not aggravate it for 24 hours. So..... I did it today.
20 minutes of Yoga on the Wii, followed by 20 minutes of Pilates for core and lower body. Yes. My legs are sore. The Yoga poses I did today were: Half Moon (to stretch sides), Warrior (thighs and core), Tree (ankles, balance), and Chair (calves, thighs, balance).

I also ran on the treadmill today at work during my lunch break.
2 min warm-up @ 3.5
18 min @ 4.6
2 min @ 3.5
8 min @ 4.8
5 min cool down
Total: 35 min for 2.25 miles

I think those numbers are close to being right. When I was just over the 2 mile / 27 min mark I hit the emergency stop button with my hand! Gah! I was in the zone, trucking along that last stretch and BAM! Full brakes. Good thing I didn't slam into the machine. That would have been embarrassing! But in my haste to get restarted, I only got one glance at my workout summary. So, I know it is close if not 100% accurate.

More stretching tonight for sure!!!

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  1. I HATE it when I hit the emergency stop button!

    My reaction is the same each time I do it ('s happened a few times to me)--a loud screetch coupled with slamming into the machine, followed by a frustrated sigh as I try to hurry back to where I was.