Saturday, February 5, 2011

5K Challenge -- Day 5

So, what happened was.... I was supposed to run yesterday, but Julia wasn't feeling well, and we stayed home all day. I didn't want to take her with me to the Y in case she started running a fever again because she would get the other kids (and adults) there sick. So I ran today.

Now I have to explain about the enormous leap in difficulty that I added today.
I ran / walked outside on the road at the Camp. (instead of the treadmill) Why this makes such a big difference you ask? A) I don't possess the natural ability to pace myself at a slow speed. Not good for a beginner. 2) I had to carry a bottle of water. There was no cup holder like on the treadmill. and 3) Camp Road is one big, nasty hill. And I am not exaggerating. Anyone who has ever driven it can tell you. Killer.

So I won't lie and say that I ran the entire 3 mile loop. I didn't even run half of it. I walked all the uphill parts, and at a decent pace too. Not a Sunday afternoon stroll here. But on the way back down the hill of death I did run several chunks of road. 

But the thing I am most proud to brag about..... my time. 45 minutes! That's all it took me to tackle the evil monster we call Camp Road. I had estimated an hour minimum. I told Lisa (who lives at the bottom of the hill at the Camp) to send out a search party if I wasn't back in an hour fifteen because I had visions of me splayed out on the side of the road with a pulled hamstring, severe muscle cramps, or the victim of a "drive-by" turkey pecking. (it could happen) But it wasn't necessary! Yay me! Now, will I be able to move tomorrow? That remains to be seen.

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