Monday, October 5, 2009

He does learn things....

My boy is so different from my first-born Julia. 1 - he's a boy; and B - he's a lefty. But going even deeper than that, Julia always came home from school and told us what she was learning. She would ask for "learning time" when she was little (this included all kinds of flash cards and educational games). But then there is the boy. We would try to teach him his letters, numbers, colors, shapes, etc. when he was in preschool, but it seemed like he just couldn't figure it out. And when he came home and I asked the standard question "what did you learn today?" his response would be "stuff." So needless to say, early on we were worried. All it took to allay our fears was a conference with his teachers. We went in and said, "please tell me he knows something!" and they just laughed and said "he's ahead of everyone!"

Fast forward three years and we arrive in first grade. I still have to go into his notebook and see if he has done his homework right so that I know that he is learning stuff. And I can tell that his reading level is above average because of the library books he brings home. (and he can read most everything on the DirecTV guide!) But the best news we have received about him came at his most recent parent-teacher conference when his teacher told us she had been collecting and documenting his work for the past 6 weeks to refer him for testing into the Quest program for the gifted at his school.

So not only does he learn "stuff" at school, apparently he's pretty good at it!
I'll quit worrying about him and just be happy that he is his own little person.

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