Monday, March 9, 2009

Forget Barney & Sesame Street, Give Us the Justice League & X-Men!

When it comes to watching tv shows with our kids, I will admit that my husband and I are pretty selfish. Rarely will we watch just any old kids show. It has to be entertaining for us as well.

When the kids were little, I think we watched the purple dinosaur once just because so many kids seemed to love him. Rus and I vowed, "Never again!" We even sat through an episode of the Teletubbies, but the fact that I felt like my brains were being turned to pliable mush by the Communists banned the creepy tv-bellied guys as well. And while we grew up on Sesame Street, the modern day version has waaaaaay too much Elmo. So we stuck with Playhouse Disney while the children were learning their ABC's, you can't go wrong with Mickey & Pooh. Once they were old enough to watch and enjoy the good stuff, however, we very systematically got our unsuspecting "mini-me's" hooked on classic Justice League and X-Men, with some healthy doses of Batman and Spider Man on the side.

Now we all gather together a couple of times a week and enjoy some quality time with our favorite supers. And now that Star Wars has joined the cartoon world, the kids always know what they want to watch first thing Saturday morning (thanks to DVR). I think Star Wars: The Clone Wars the Series may be the first tv show we buy on DVD. Just because we have 16 episodes saved on the DVR and the kids always want to watch it!

So, be forewarned..... if you keep up with this blog, you will hear many sci-fi references and super hero comments, because at the Towns' house, we love sci-fi and we aren't too proud to admit it!

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