Monday, March 2, 2009

My Little Padawan

How many 8 year old girls do you know that want to dress up like a Jedi for Halloween?

Well, my Julia did. It's amazing how quickly they go from everything princess and not. She still loves pink, don't get me wrong. But, these days she is addicted to Star Wars, and she can tell you more about the Jedi council and lightsabers than many teenage boys in the chess club! I don't complain at all because she doesn't like Hannah Montana or any other show that's popular with elementary school girls. However, I must confess that she is a creature of our own making. My husband and I are sci-fi, super-hero junkies, and whether you argue nature or nurture, she didn't have much chance of not liking the genre.

Her favorite character is Anakin Skywalker (aka Darth Vader). If you ask her, she'll say she doesn't know why. Part of me thinks it's the character's journey she is drawn too. He is the classic tragic hero, like Odysseus and Hamlet. You love him; then you hate him; then you feel sorry for him; and in the end you still love him despite all of his flaws simply because he has seen his true self in the mirror and tried his best to overcome. Another part of me says, "No, he is really cute and funny. That's what she likes." But the mom in me says "She's too young!" So I stick with the tragic hero idea and just keep encouraging her interests. I don't care if she is a little different than the other girls her age. I would rather she stay "odd" and not get caught up in the silliness, drama, and rapid maturing that is fed by the modern day kids shows that are not really for kids.

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