Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Do I Have To?

Have you ever been sitting in church, or Sunday school, or a small group and have someone suggest that the group commit to reading this or praying for that? And all you can really think is "Do I have to?" really God, "Do I have to?"

Well, I found myself in that very position last Saturday. It was a great idea. The couples would read the Bible and pray together everyday. But I just didn't want to. It's summer time. Russel is busy. I have the kids by myself.

The next day my husband acts as my conscience and pulls out his Bible and asks me, "Are you ready?" and reluctantly I say "yes." But it's good. We read. We discussed. We prayed. And the next night we did the same thing, and I was a little less reluctant. Tonight I am actually kinda looking forward to it.
1 Peter, we are in chapter 2 now.

So, fine. I will submit. Now if I can just learn to do it willingly.

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