Friday, July 3, 2009

Things I didn't learn in kindergarten, or high school, or college for that matter.

We were recently shopping in Macon when I came across a book that got my attention. It's title: "How to Read Literature Like a Professor." I had to have this book. I had to see if I still "have it," you know? Because as much as I hate to admit it, I have been out of school for ten years and my analytical skills are a bit dusty.

But as I was reading this wonderful book that brought back so many memories, something else struck me..... even though I did graduate knowing these things, it was only through my own experience and curiosity.

But why, I wondered, did my professors, who were charged with preparing me to teach literature, not make sure that I knew these things? Why was this not a required class before graduation? And for that matter why was the grammar class optional?! Lucky for me I was good at grammar and had a wonderful teacher in middle school who taught me all I ever needed to know. This enabled me to help the rest of my ill-prepared classmates in my college grammar class and be the one to whom everyone turned for help.

It seems that all the things that are really important for a teacher to know in order to be a competent teacher we were expected to learn by osmosis. They were never directly taught only implied, and yet are some of the basic foundations, must haves, in order to be an effective teacher of literature.

But all this is really irrelevant in light of the fact that I am no longer a teacher and have no plans to return to that profession. Well, c'est la vie!
(ha! I did learn something in French class!)

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