Friday, December 17, 2010

They did what?!?

If you haven't heard about the latest lawsuit that has hit the California court system, have a seat. Because this one is going to astound, stupefy, enrage, and otherwise make you to want to drive to Cali and slap someone, namely Monet Parham-Lee.

So the gist of it is this: This woman is not a parent. She is a woman who has had babies. She has no backbone and refuses to exert her right, scratch that -- duty, as a mom to say "No."  She wants to sue McDonald's to banish toys from Happy Meals because they make the "unhealthy food" too appealing to children. And then the children pout and beg and make her life miserable until she caves in and buys it for them. 

Well, here's a thought: Man Up! Tell them no. Keep on driving. Don't give in. They will learn that pitching a fit won't get them what they want and eventually will stop asking for it. Or, how about you make them eat the apples instead of the fries and drink the milk or water instead of a soda? Then it wouldn't be unhealthy.

And the best part about it? This woman is a “regional program manager” on the state of California payroll for child nutrition matters!!! What a hypocrite! She gets paid to tell other parents how they should be feeding their children, but can't follow her own advice at home. Girl, please.

And don't even get me started on the judicial system in California...... How about I come over there and sue Hollywood for making movies too suspenseful, too seductive, too fantastical to resist? Or we sue the California citrus growers for daring to sell their fruit East of the Mississippi River where we all know that the Florida citrus is better anyway? They must let any fool sit on the bench out there. Because if they tried to bring that case to trial here, we would laugh them out of the courthouse after giving them the proper tongue-lashing they deserved.

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