Monday, November 28, 2011

My new obsession

I should have known better.
I had been warned.
But I let my curiosity get the best of me.
And I looked.
I typed in in my web browser and immediately was hooked.

Pinterest Logo

I had to be part of the club. I had to have an invite.
I put out a request on Facebook and one of my friends from church hooked me up.
Now all I want to do is find cool stuff and "pin it".
I keep reminding myself: you can pin a million things on your virtual board, but will you actually get around to doing that or making them?
Who knows?! Right now I don't really care.
My artistic hunger is ravenous and must be fed.
When I am too bloated on other people's fabulousness I will take a break... or maybe start posting pics of my fabulousness for other people to pin.
Only time will tell.

Now I must go and add a new "follow me" button to my blog and Facebook.
And if you need a hook-up, I know a guy. He'll let you in.

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